On the occasion of this release, we, ElegantLaTeX Program, want to reintroduce our work to you. We are committed to creating a series of beautiful, elegant, easy to use LaTeX templates for users. The ElegantLaTeX is currently composed of ElegantNote, ElegantBook, ElegantPaper for typesetting notes, books, and working papers respectively.

The latest version is available on Github:ElegantBook/releases. This guide describes some settings of this template and how to use it. If you have any other questions, suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

ElegantBook Updates

Over these years, we’ve received a lot of feedback from users, with major issues related to font installation, coding support, theorem class environments floats, theorem cross-page, cross-references, and etc. We really think about these problems, it wasn’t elegant to let the user install the font for visual beauty since users got into a lot of trouble, which went against the concept of our template. So we’ve removed that from the new version, users don’t have to install any fonts. Let’s take a look at the ElegantBook template 3.x updates:

  1. Remove custom font settings and use the ctex package or system font instead;
  2. Add English and Chinese modes(lang=cn/en);
  3. PDFLaTeX and XeLaTeX Support;
  4. Use the tcolorbox package to re-written the theorem class environments, which can span over pages;
  5. Theorem class environments name updated, and cross-references fixed;
  6. Color name updated, link color unified;
  7. New ElegantLaTeX Logo;
  8. New cover and decorations, remove the watermark;
  9. Fix appendix;
  10. Add gray theme: color=plain;
  11. Add code highlighting;
  12. Beautify the list environment.