This template was originally designed to take notes and was conceived in 2013. In the first version, we designed a series of beautiful theorem environments and introduced 3 different color themes. But when taking notes using this template, we found there were so many theorem blocks which makes the notes not pretty. So we decided to update the ElegantNote to the ElegantBook template. The design of ElegantNote stopped there.

In 2018, after being “urged” by some users, ElegantBook received a major update, the original floating theorem environments are rewritten with tcolorbox package. After that, we want to completely redesign the ElegantNote template. We are in favor of more compact, simpler theorem environments, and aim to design an Elegant LaTeX template which is more suitable for note taking and note reading.

With the advice and inspiration of some friends, we redesigned the new ElegantNote template based on the Standard LaTeX article class! The new template has the following features:

  • good for eye mode: with green page color;
  • different devices: Pad (default), Kindle, PC (double-page) and normal (A4);
  • 5 color themes: green (default), cyan, blue, sakura, black;
  • languages support: Chinese (default), English;
  • support PDFLaTeX and XeLaTeX ;
  • prettier captions, list environments, and unified fonts.

Just enjoy it! If you have any questions, suggestions or bug reports, you can create issues, pull requests or email us at elegantlatex2e@gmail.com.

This work is released under the LaTeX Project Public License, v1.3c or later.